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Beige Bohemian Oriental Gabbeh Rug

Beige Bohemian Gabbeh Rug

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characterized by an abstract design that relies upon open fields of color and a playfulness with geometry. This type of rug is popular among the populations of the Zagros Mountains of Iran, including Kurdish, Luri and Qashqai people. Gabbeh patterns are of a very basic kind with only a limited number of decorative, mostly rectangular objects resembling mainly animals. In gabbeh usually bright colors, such as yellow and red, are used. Although large fields of solid color are used in gabbeh designs, the color is variegated (the color varies throughout the rug, with the appearance of differently colored zones).. Meticulous craftsmanship ensures strength and durability to withstand high-traffic areas. 100-percent wool pile, with no latex. This rug features an abstract traditinal design with a stunning color palette transforming any home d??cor. Have fun decorating with this colorful Bohemial style rug.

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