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Extra Large & Oversized Rugs

The unmistakable grandeur of rugs and carpets continues to last through centuries. And despite the highly dynamic trend scene in interior decor, rugs have survived year after year, only to become better, fancier and grander. No wonder, the contemporary rugs of today still remain categorized into modern, traditional and all in-between, depending on the kind of pattern and design that you’d like to see in your home or workplace.

Choosing rugs for a particular space needs to be a thoughtful process. The same rules of harmony and color co-ordination apply so that there is no clashing of styles between the floors and the walls. Keeping in mind the current preferences for interior design, EORC makes it a priority to keep multiple rug collections that are easy to fit into your chosen category, your individual inclination and the theme of the space for which you’re about to buy the rugs.

The EORC rug catalog is a compilation of the freshest along with the most classic surface ornamentation or prints that are meant to suit a large variety of tastes. You can browse our product section for your favorite color schemes and repeated motifs or border designs that you fancy and most likely, you would stumble upon something that strikes you instantly. Whether you wish to hang small and lightweight rugs on the lobby walls or want extra large area rugs for living room, you can take your pick from the variety that we have to offer.

In addition to the range of color, design and size, EORC rugs are also a great choice because of their material. Crafted out of the finest yarns and finished to perfection, every product is a piece of art. And we ensure that all our rugs are delivered to you in the best condition, as they have been made.