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Floral themes are a great way to enliven your interiors. And if you can't bring in real flowers, it is best to include them in other ways. Floral wallpapers contrasting with plain furnishings or matching contemporary floral area rugs are great elements to consider. In fact, floral rugs would create an extremely pleasant aura as they lay covering the floors in minimalist patterns or mimicking some real jungle ground. Even abstract floral patterns tend to have a unique charm because of the way they are used on the surfaces of floral area rugs.

The EORC catalog offers bright floral area rugs suitable for every home and individual styles. You can choose from the illustration-like patterns or elaborate surface ornamentation that mimic the floral styles of the bygone era. With an extremely serene beige-colored background, the multitude of flowers and their placement gets highlighted so you know which would work best for the space you wish to cover in small or large floral area rugs.