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Contemporary Art Rugs

Our collection of contemporary area rugs features easy maintenance and high-style rugs designed for people with an inclination towards the modern way of living. These contemporary area rugs are made of wool, and are pieces of high-fashion that are perfect for you floor decor. Featuring floating graphics and colorful patterns, our contemporary art rugs are capable of enlivening the most mundane of settings.

Our contemporary area rugs are not just soft furnishings, but are hand-woven works of art that can work wonders for your floor. Each of these rugs is tufted and woven by expert craftsmen, making every design a perfect item to adorn your modern interiors. With nearly four decades of experience as a rugs manufacturer, EORC understands your needs better than anyone else, ever would.

If your wall features artwork of famous artists, then why should your floor be any different? Choose contemporary style area rugs from our collection and turn your living space into an art gallery.